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treezrgreen asked: I know that Apocalypse Song is a Gryles fic but I spent all last night thinking about your AS!verse Lilo. I JUST LOVE THEM SO MUCH. Like what did they do before? How did they meet HOW MUCH DO THEY LOVE EACH OTHERRR!! Also I am infinitely grateful that Liam grew his mountain man beard and Louis grew his hair out IRL cos I can imagine the Post-Apoc versions of them SO PERFECTLY! P.S Keeping all fingers and toes crossed for appearances by Ed Sheeran and Michelle Rodriquez in the next part! SWEERAN!

I swear to god there’s another fic inside Apocalypse Song about Louis and Liam and how they got there. I mean, my goal was that it would feel like there were ten hidden stories within the fic, one for each housemate, and then twelve more once they met the new farm. Especially in this passage, I was thinking a lot about what had gone down to start. 

A year as long as a lifetime has passed since Harry and Gemma took Niall in, somewhere in Camberwell before the floods. Give or take eleven months since Belgravia, where Cara and Fiona found them. Harry doesn’t know how much time has passed since Zayn and Perrie found Louis, or since they took in Liam but he knows three seasons have passed since they all found each other. They found each other; now they have Nick. That’s how they survive. That’s how they live now. 

My headcanons were that before the plague Louis was just starting out as a drama teacher and Liam was working construction. Zayn and Perrie were together to start, both students. Louis lived in Zayn’s building, and they knew each other a bit. Flooding started within a few days of power failure, so it was pretty clear that staying in their area was long-term not a sustainable plan. They had a plan to head north towards their families, which obviously was… not to be. They ran into Liam on the way, and, by virtue of having the same directional goal, stuck together. Didn’t take long for Liam and Louis to get to frick fracking. The world’s ending, man, why wait??? 

Also, seriously, they are all giving me the most intense post-apocalyptic vision every day with their unkempt looks what the hell guys are you doing it on purpose. 

Anonymous asked: have you arleady planed the sequel of apocalypse song? can you tell when we could read it? sort of?

i have, yes, and about 7k is done. my estimate is about a month or two, hopefully, but it really depends on whether work amps up! 

Anonymous asked: for ur anon; i break out after smoking weed too, idk if it's anything to do with the Actual Weed or with all the crap I seem to devour from my cupboard after smoking it, but. I break out too :(( it sucks :(

and more company. :) 

i break out 100% of the time and i’ve just given up on it basically and got really good at makeup. 

Anonymous asked: Different things cause acne for different people so it totally makes sense for weed to cause acne. Also I've definitely heard from people that it does give them acne so the other anon is not alone!

there you go! anon, you have company. 

Anonymous asked: If Eli was seven months, that means he was born five months into the apocalypse (post-apocalypse, fine). That means Meredith was pregnant when the world started to end. That group in the woods not only birthed a baby, they also got a pregnant woman through the worst of the end of the world. Harry was right- nobody was impressed enough by there being an infant at the Winston-Teasdale camp.

THIS IS WHAT I’M SAYING. It shows that they have enough food and handle on nutrition that Eli’s a totally healthy infant, as well. That farm is really important, for a whole bunch of reasons. 

Anonymous asked: I was so not ready to read apocalypse song. Thank you for writing something so beautiful.

thank you darling! this sort of message is why i get through writing those stories. xxx

New fic chapter in “Something Great” (Nick/Harry, 1D/BBC Radio 1)


HELLO FRONDS, I have gotten inspired and managed to eke out some more words in the Single Dad Harry Styles Meets Nick Grimshaw verse!

Title: Something Great

Author: mrsronweasley / ziusik

Rating: PG-13 so far (SO FAR!!)

Summary: Harry and his kid move in next door to Nick. Hijinx ensue!


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