predatory dance squid

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Zac Efron does Grimmy impressions, swears live on BBC radio and says he missed Nick in LA, all in less than 2 minutes of starting the interview. (24.04.2014)

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For Ella, Aidey and Junkshop_disco - 7 minutes of the team fangirling over Zac Efron.

aka the one where Fiona misjudged a handshake, Fearne’s casually lurking outside the studio, and Nick gets to hear Zac ask the question he’s always dreamed of.

"Are you gonna do me, or….?"


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Soon as you let Puppy off the lead she’s like *zooming noise* Gone. Absolutely gone. And you just see her in the distance, sort of running around. But I kind of want her to be free, do you know what I mean? If you’re going to the park that’s what she should be doing.

Nick Grimshaw on Puppy, 24/3/2014.

for anyone having eve-of-tour nick/harry separation emotions, i find this helps.

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Sansa Stark meme: 1/10 scenes

“Sansa!” The boyish shout rang across the yard; Joffrey had seen her. “Sansa, here!”

He calls me as if he were calling a dog, she thought.

what I really love about this scene is that Sansa is trying to emotionally manipulate Joffrey into going to the most dangerous area of the fight. Don’t tell me she’s just a passive player, she picks her battles where she can and this is her shining moment of defiance. 

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Don’t you dare disrespect Beyonce like that ever again in your entire life. You should know better than that. That’s just straight up disrespect. You can’t even go there.

—Rita Ora, responding to Power 105.1’s breakfast hosts when asked about the rumors of her having an affair with Jay Z. (via aintnojigga)

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